What To Do After An Accident

Have you recently been in an accident? We are very sorry to hear that. We’re here to help in every way possible.

What to do after an accident: Report the accident to SGI Auto Eclaim by clicking here. You will be able to book your appointment online at your nearest SGI location. You can also phone in your claim to 306-683-2100. Be sure to have all of your information available (third party, witnesses, additional insurance, etc). If you carry a package policy from an external insurance party, you will also need to contact your insurance provider.

If your claim meets certain criteria determined by SGI, we may be able to estimate the damage right at Novakoski.

After your estimate appointment, contact us at Novakoski by email, fax, phone, in person, or by the form below, and we will begin the process of getting you in for repairs. If your estimate took place at SGI, we will require your Estimate ID # and your license plate. With this, we can download your claim from SGI, get parts ordered, and get you booked for repairs!

If you are looking for an estimate for work to be done to a vehicle where SGI will not be involved, you can come directly to Novakoski for an estimate and we will work with you one on one to take care of any damage.

For repairs to windshields or glass only, you will not require an appointment with SGI. Novakoski will take care of all of the paperwork! Come see us directly for an estimate, and we will submit the claim to SGI for you!

If your vehicle has potential to be a “total loss”, please contact Val or Murray for a no-obligation consultation, to verify what your options are. As a total loss, you may be able to buy back your vehicle from SGI. Please consult with us, or another SGI accredited facility, to determine if this is a cost-effective solution for you.

After an Accident Checklist

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